How Consulting Works? | The Consulting Pyramid

How Consulting Works?
How Consulting Works?

Individual Consultation Meetings

Ideal for initial meetings and general advice.
Book a consultant for a few hours or a day, ideate, brainstorm or ask specific questions at fixed commercials based on the consultants experience.

If you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund* you.

Project Based Consulting

Ideal for strategic support and planning or if you have a goal in mind.
These contracts last between 3 months to a year and have specific milestones and timelines.

Vervitude will ensure the terms* are a win win for both consultant and client.

Retainer Contracts

Ideal when you are looking for long term support or require hand-holding through the execution of a strategy.
A retainer contract has a 3 month lock-in* and can be terminated with with a 1 months notice* after that.

These are time based where a consultant dedicates specific time and Vervitude will be there to ensure the agreed terms* are met.

Verified Service Provider

Somethings that a consultant may not be able to execute* a verified service provider can step in if you choose.

Either a service provider can support in executing a strategy defined by a consultant or they can work in parallel with one another to help achieve your *business goals.