For Business Owners & Decision Makers:

Consulting is a very powerful medium that is under explored and underestimated. Business owners & decision makers either don’t know how to reach the right experts, can’t afford them or can’t verify their credibility. Vervitude wants to structure the consulting space and bring it within the reach of new & growing business as well as giving larger firms an alternative to the big consulting firms. In addition to suggesting the right consultants we also recommend trusted service providers who help you execute the recommendations effectively.

For Consultants:

Consulting as a career gives an expert the ability to choose their own hours & their own terms but consulting comes with its own challenges. An individual consultant would have to market, do sales, maintain accounts, follow up for payments as well as execute the project at hand, pretty much be a one-man army. Vervitude wants to make it easier for people who wish to work independently so they can focus on the projects at hand and have time for themselves as well.